What are the Different Types of Weight Training Exercises?

Weight training is a form of exercise that is used to build, tone and strengthen the body’s muscles. These exercises normally are performed using weight equipment such as barbells, weight machines and dumbbells. In some cases, the person's body weight might be used as a resistance. To build strength in the body’s muscles, these exercises often are done in multiple sets of repetitions. Some of the different types of weight training exercises are back weight training and chest weight training — both of which also build the arm muscles — as well as leg weight training.

Back weight training, which often is performed to strengthen the upper and lower back muscles, is one of the popular types of weight training exercises. Some of the training exercises for the back are pull-ups, back extensions and rows. Theses exercise can be done using weight equipment such as a chin-up bar or a bench. In addition to a person body’s weight, ankle weights or weight belts can be added for more resistance.

Leg weight training, which focuses on building the muscles in the thighs, quadriceps and hamstring area, also is considered to be a popular type of weight training exercise. Some of the leg weight training exercises are leg extensions, leg curls and squats. Leg weight training equipment can be purchased for use at home or can be found at many fitness centers for use by their members. These exercises should be performed slowly in order to not put too much stress on the legs and knees.

Another of the different types of weight training exercises is chest weight training. This training mostly targets the muscles in the upper chest to give them strength and firmness. Some of these exercises are push-ups, the bench press and cable crossovers. Barbells, dumbbells and weight benches can be used during these exercises. It is important to have good form when lifting in order to see results from this type of training.

Before starting a weight training exercise program, an individual should consult a medical professional. Beginners should start slowly, doing no more than one set of 12 repetitions per exercise until they feel more comfortable doing more. As with any type of exercise program, it takes time to see a real change in the body. It is recommended that a person allows up to four weeks of weight training exercises to see results if he or she is exercising on a continuous basis. To avoid injuries, proper safety and lifting techniques should be used at all times.


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