How do I Become a Product Coordinator?

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The first step to become a product coordinator is to obtain a position in a distribution or marketing firm. These types of firms are dedicated to the management of the product for maximum sales. The primary role of a product coordinator is to become familiar with the product's target consumer base, identify ideal sales locations and strategies, and ensure that the product is available for purchase.

The position of product coordinator does not have a specific training program that provides the skills required for this job. Instead, candidates typically have a diploma or degree in management, business administration, marketing, advertising, or a related field. It is important to note that this position is actually administrative in nature. Someone who is able to manage multiple tasks, work well with others, and have excellent communication skills would be well suited to this position.

The standard career path to become a product coordinator is to secure an administrative position in a product management firm or department. Administrative assistant positions provide a chance to learn about the internal operations of a product management firm. It is important to understand that it is often necessary to accept an entry-level position in the industry you are interested in to learn the necessary skills to qualify for higher positions.


Once you have secured a position in this industry, take the time to learn about what a product coordinator does. Volunteer to provide support or assistance as required. Talk to your supervisor about your career aspirations, what types of positions you want to hold, and your ideas for product placement and related tasks.

Look at the job posting board and let your human resources department know what type of work you are interested in pursuing. They may be able to help you become a product coordinator or provide you with the opportunity to work closely with an existing coordinator. Job shadowing is another great way to gain skills for this type of work.

Career advancement opportunities available once you become a product coordinator include product management, regional management, product distribution management, and other related positions. Many organizations require staff to complete additional post-secondary training to qualify for these roles. Part-time courses are available from community colleges and universities to help you obtain the education required to advance your career.



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