How do I Choose the Best Product Management Job?

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You can choose the right product management job by taking stock of your past experience and finding an employer who needs someone with your unique talents and skills. Start by contacting companies you feel would be a good match and telling them what you have to offer. Get together a detailed resume, and enter every interview or meeting with confidence.

Product management involves the pricing, coordination, ordering, stocking, and tracking of products a company sells or makes. If you do not have product management experience, you may also leverage other types of work experience to get in with the company you want. For example, if you have worked in the furniture and housewares industry for many years, you may find a product management job with a furniture retailer or manufacturer.

Once you have determined what you have to offer as well as your most promising industry experience and contacts, get in touch with prime candidates in your area. Ask to speak with human resources or the hiring manager, and ask that person about possible positions they have available. If they do not have a product management job opening available, you may begin working in another section of the company until there is an opening. Contact as many companies as you can, and try to schedule a face to face interview with each one.


If this route does not help you land the product management job you want, you may also consider applying for jobs listed on Internet job boards, in the local newspaper, or on online classified ads. You should be sure to read each listing carefully, and follow each employer's directions as closely as possible when applying.

You may find that you are still not getting any callbacks from potential employers despite your best efforts. In this case, you may consider taking a different position in the industry you wish to work in or look for jobs in another area. You may want to increase your skills to make yourself more attractive to employers.

Should you decide to increase your skill level before moving forward, there are several routes you could take. College classes, either individually or within a degree program, are one option. Attending school will not only give you additional skills and know-how, but will also give you access to school job boards. You may also decide to read books on the topic or intern with current professionals in the field.



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