How do I Choose the Best Health Management Job?

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Health management refers to the responsibilities of an administrative staff at a healthcare facility. Duties may include acquiring financial resources, interacting with insurance companies, buying supplies and equipment, and ensuring that patients receive effective care. An individual who is interested in finding a health management job generally has many points to think about when trying to choose the best one. A person should consider what type of setting best suits his or her interests and abilities, determine the education level necessary to obtain certain jobs, and investigate different career development and advancement possibilities.

A qualified individual can obtain a health management job in one of many settings. Most jobs are found in hospitals and private practices, though health management professionals also work in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, mental health organizations, and many other settings. When a person is choosing a health management job, it is necessary to consider what setting would be the best fit. A person who is very fond of children, for example, would likely get more joy providing his or her services in a pediatrician's office than at a nursing home. While health managers do not often have much direct contact with patients, their actions and decisions have a large impact on the quality of care that patients receive.


Another element to consider when choosing a health management job is the specific education, training, and licensing requirements involved. Many entry-level staff positions are held by people with associate or bachelor's degrees in business administration or health services administration. Health managers are required to obtain master's degrees in some settings, particularly in specialty centers and hospitals where high volumes of patients are treated. Administrators in many states and countries are required to obtain licenses by passing training courses and written examinations. Additional voluntary certification from national health organizations is often beneficial in landing a good health management job.

With experience, continuing education, and career development, there is usually ample room for advancement in health management careers. A person who wishes to advance to more essential or rewarding positions within a healthcare facility should investigate positions where such opportunities are available. An individual starting out as an administrative assistant or cashier may be able to become a manager or even a hospital executive with the proper training. Many facilities offer financial assistance for continuing education as well as career development programs to help employees reach their goals of obtaining higher positions.



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