What are the Different Health Information Management Jobs?

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Health care is a growing industry, and there are a number of different health information management jobs that you may want to consider. Medical records must be stored properly so that medical personnel have access to this information quickly when they need it. Doctors and hospitals also need personnel to ensure that accurate information is submitted to medical insurance companies so that claims are processed efficiently.

One of the opportunities available in the field of health information management jobs is that of a medical coder. Medical coders work with electronic medical records and assign appropriate procedure codes to each consultation or procedure before submitting the record to the insurance company for payment. A good knowledge of medical terminology and procedures is required to be successful in this type of work. This is a job where you would be working behind the scenes and have little, if any, contact with patients. Medical coders can find work in doctors' offices, hospitals, and insurance companies.


After you have some work experience in the coding field, you may be interested in working as a coding supervisor. In this position, you may still be doing coding work yourself, but you would be responsible for ensuring that queries from patients, doctors and administrators are responded to appropriately. In this example of health information jobs available, you may be responsible for conducting performance reviews of coders on your team. To qualify for a coding supervisor job, you would need a minimum of 12 months of experience in medical coding, as well as some medical supervisory experience.

Completing a degree program at the post-secondary level in health information management would qualify you for several health information management jobs. After graduation, you could find work as a health records department manager in a hospital or other type of medical facility. Other graduates from this type of program become consultants and work with clients to ensure that their health records department is planned appropriately and working efficiently. They may work as coordinators and work with different departments that need to manage health care records.

If you are interested in designing and implementing medical records systems, then you may be interested in working as a health information manager. You would need a good knowledge of database management as well as medical terminology for this type of work. Monitoring the electronic medical records would be part of your responsibilities in this example of one of the health information management jobs available.



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