How do I Become a Business Coordinator?

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Many people who work in administrative roles aspire to become a business coordinator. In this position, the business coordinator is responsible for working with internal and external resources, scheduling meetings, and distributing communication to the appropriate people. The primary responsibility of a business coordinator is to ensure that the internal operations of the business work smoothly.

Business coordinators are found in a wide range of industries, from service firms to manufacturing facilities. The coordination of internal communication and business operations is essential in maintaining a smooth operation. As a business grows in size and complexity, it is not uncommon for administrative issues to arise. Many wise business owners hire a business coordinator to help manage the administrative aspect of business operations.

The first step to become an administrative coordinator is to complete post-secondary education. There is no specific training program dedicated to the skills required to become an administrative coordinator. Instead, there are different programs that provide the skills necessary. At the college level, a diploma program in administrative skills or business will improve communication, coordination, and develop a firm understanding of all areas related to running a business.


In university, candidates can complete a degree in the humanities, liberal arts, or business. These programs provide a more general training in written communication and research skills. An additional benefit to formal training is the increased eligibility to more senior management positions. Although some firms do not require post-secondary education to become a business coordinator, most will require it for other promotional opportunities.

Related work experience that will help you become a business coordinator includes almost any job that requires coordination of information between multiple people, managing conflicting priorities, and multi-tasking. These types of tasks are commonly found in administrative jobs, but can also be found in service or project-related jobs.

Career advancement opportunities once you become a business coordinator include business manager, administrative director, or department head. Look at the full description for these types of positions to gain a full understanding of the skills and training required to qualify. Take the initiative and talk with the human resources professional in your firm and ask for advice on the steps required to prepare for the increased responsibility associated with management roles.

People who are most successful in this role are naturally outgoing, enjoy working with people, and value organization. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential in this type of role. Teamwork and conflict resolution are necessary on a daily basis and can only be developed through time and effort.



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