How do I Become a Marketing Coordinator?

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A marketing coordinator is often an independent contractor who enjoys the freedom of setting his or her own schedule. There are many ways that you can become a marketing coordinator, but certain college degrees may help you attain your goal more quickly. Before you try to become a marketing coordinator, be sure the job is for you.

The marketing coordinator is responsible for promoting a business, company name, products and services. This can include advertising, promotional writing, market research, press relations and planning marketing strategies. It is a fast-paced career involving long hours and hard work.

Marketing coordinators must have exceptional people skills. A winning personality will help you advance and negotiate with others in this competitive field. Networking and building relationships is important to successful implementation of marketing strategies as well. You will need an excellent eye for details and the ability to analyze and predict market trends based on your research.


College programs that can help you become a marketing coordinator include a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, commerce, communications, advertising or public relations. Other majors such as journalism, consumer psychology, computer technology or a general liberal arts degree can help you become a marketing coordinator when paired with a broad range of business classes or a marketing vocational certification. Any of the college programs listed will be helpful on your marketing coordinator resume when you enter the job market. You may find work in industries like health care, architecture and engineering, non-profit organizations, retail and finance.

Like an events coordinator, information coordinator, sample coordinator or center coordinator, a marketing coordinator can move up to become a coordinator director or manager coordinator. Unlike these other coordinator positions, when you become a marketing coordinator, you can find work in almost any field. Most businesses need at least one marketing coordinator on a temporary or permanent basis.

Expect to begin your career at an entry level and work your way up to become a marketing coordinator. It is important that you communicate your long-term goal to become a marketing coordinator to supervisors and managers. You should also do your best to always display your leadership, organization and communication skills.

Other helpful skills to hone include an understanding of graphic design and consumer psychology. You may also gain helpful experience by interning at a local business or volunteering for a non-profit organization. This hands-on experience will help you stand out among other candidates.



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Post 2

@starrynight - Sounds like your friends knowledge of psychology gives her an unfair advantage! Just kidding. I'm a big believer in using all of your skills to get ahead in the work place.

It's funny this article mentioned communications as a potential major for this job. When I was in college, it seemed like everyone I knew wanted to be a mass communications major. Then when we all graduated most of them couldn't find job! Maybe I'll mention this possibility to a few of them.

Post 1

I have a friend who is a marketing coordinator. And guess what her major was in college? Psychology!

There isn't that much you can do with a bachelors in psychology, and when she graduated she knew she wasn't interested in being a therapist. By chance, she got hooked up with a marketing firm and got an entry level position there. She quickly moved up the ranks and is now a marketing coordinator. She tells me her knowledge of psychology is invaluable.

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