How do I Become a Site Coordinator?

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The site coordinator for most businesses is someone who organizes, plans, and oversees activities and events. Generally this person is given the responsibility of maintaining a specific area of operations, and he must work in conjunction with other coordinators and planners to ensure all areas work together. In order to become a site coordinator, one must first become familiar with the business or field in which one intends to work.

Most individuals who become a site coordinator have received some kind of formal education or have many years of experience on the job. This is not always the case, and it is possible to become a site coordinator without a college degree and with only a few years experience doing similar work. Site coordinators generally work at planning events, and event planning done during one’s personal life may constitute as experience to some employers.

To become a site coordinator, one should be very organized and have an acute attention to detail. It is also important to be good with numbers, as the site coordinator is often in charge of developing and maintaining the budget for certain events. Being a “people person” is also generally of high importance because site coordinators often interact with the public. Having a connection of friends, relatives, or colleagues who may be of importance to a business or organization is also a good thing for anyone wishing to become a site coordinator.


In order to become a site coordinator with no prior experience or connections, it is recommended that one receive training in business, public relations, or a related field. The exact field that is recommended is hard to pinpoint since site coordinators operate in various industries, but they all must know how to interact with people and the public.

Upon graduation or completion of a course designed to help one become a site coordinator, the next step is to find businesses in the area who may be hiring. These companies may perform work in any known industry, but businesses and organizations that are known for needing site coordinators regularly include schools, non-profit organizations, and retailers who may offer the public a sneak peek of a new product or service.

Another useful way to become a site coordinator is to post a resume on an online job board. Employers sometimes check these sites looking for new talent, and it is a good way to make other’s aware of varying skills and talents. It is also helpful to network with as many people as possible and to attend public events. Contacts may provide information on who will be hiring and what the working environment is like at any given company.



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