How do I Become an Information Coordinator?

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The role of an information coordinator is to collect, organize, and relay information and data to the appropriate person or people. In order to become an information coordinator, a person should have good communication and analytical skills. Information coordinators are found in many different settings and job sectors, so the requirements and job descriptions can vary greatly.

Many companies that hire information coordinators expect candidates to have excellent communication skills, as they are sharing and frequently receiving information from different people and businesses. Skills such as word processing, email communication, filing, and recordkeeping are helpful for a coordinator. A high school diploma is expected for most positions, and depending on company requirements, a college degree or experience working in a related field is required.

The U.S. Federal government hires information coordinators in various departments. One such department is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To become an information coordinator in this type of department, an applicant is required to have at least a bachelor's degree in science, but an master's degree is preferred. The role of an information coordinator for the FDA is to find and analyze information about foodborne illnesses in the U.S., and then report back to the public. In this sense, information can be life-saving, and requires an individual who can work a flexible schedule and handle stressful conditions.


Another route to become an information coordinator is to work for a health services company in the medical records department. The role of an information coordinator in this type of setting is to ensure the recordkeeping of patient files is done in a manner that follows all laws and guidelines. The job may sound simple; however, the coordinator is generally in charge of all records, and has to make sure that laws are followed, files are closed at appropriate times, and that indexing is done correctly for all files.

Those who prefer to work in the technology industry could become an information coordinator for a private company, or even a non-profit organization. In the technology sector, information coordinators are needed to organize and run databases, manage email groups, answer inquiries, and organize the technical aspects of meetings and conferences. Coordinators in this type of setting should be experienced working with computers and using the Internet. A degree in computer science or a related field is helpful, though not always necessary.

A good way to become an information coordinator is to first contact local businesses and non-profit organizations and ask about hiring requirements. Fine-tune a resume to highlight skills that match the requirements of the type of position being sought. Consider taking any vocational courses necessary to meet the educational requirements of an information coordinator position. It is also acceptable to ask a company about internships or volunteer opportunities that can help a person gain the experience required to become an information coordinator.



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