What Should I Consider Before Getting a Virtual Office Rental?

Carol Francois

A virtual office rental is necessary if you have obtained a virtual position but do not want to work from your home. There are definite benefits to arranging a virtual office rental. For example, it provides an opportunity for lower cost due to shared equipment, services, and a professional work environment. There are three things that you must consider for this type of arrangement: cost, services offered and location.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

One of the largest benefits of a virtual work environment is the enhanced ability to manage your workflow and your time. Virtual workers complete the tasks of their position from a remote location. In order to work in a virtual environment, a computer, Internet connection and dedicated telephone line are all usually required.

Many virtual workers find that working at home creates a sense of isolation, and family responsibilities may interfere with work tasks. When renting a virtual office, compare the costs with care. Review the contract details to determine exactly how much space is allocated to you, the hours of availability and support.

Many virtual office spaces provide supportive services to their clients. These services include a general receptionist, security, and property management. Shared features can include meeting rooms, photocopiers, lunchroom space and networking events. All of these features provide an enhanced, professional work environment. There is a higher cost for this type of virtual office rental, but it is important to consider your needs and determine if the additional cost is worth the enhanced professional environment.

As with all property-related questions, location is critical to your decision about a virtual office rental. Think about your commute, parking, and proximity to public transportation. These items are critical to keeping costs down and effectively managing your time. Investigate and tour at least three different possible locations before making your selection. Look at the conditions of the physical space and the quality of the fixtures.

Ask for and check references to get a better sense of the type of services provided and the quality of the work environment. Visit the virtual office rental space at different times in the day. Listen for background noise volume during business hours. Think about the type of work that you need to do and determine if this environment is compatible with your requirements.

For your first office rental, sign a month-to-month lease. This gives you the flexibility to change the arrangement if you find that it is not working for you. Virtual office work requirements often change quickly and it is important to have flexibility.

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