What Is Time Management Consulting?

Laura M. Sands

Time management consulting offers individuals and businesses useful tips and strategies on increasing productivity by simply improving how daily time is spent. Effectively cultivating time management can be done independently, but many derive greater results by consulting with an expert to help adjust time management habits. Time management consulting involves working with a consultant to track how time is currently spent and setting goals to help improve productivity through the use of specific time management strategies and tools.

Time management software.
Time management software.

It is not unusual to find time management consultants employed by large corporations or by local government agencies. Often trained in business administration and organizational development, a time management consultant analyzes current business systems and personnel strategies in such a way as to determine areas where productivity is hampered due to a poor use of time and manpower. Through time management consulting, businesses and government agencies are able to adjust their current ways of doing business in an effort to streamline business operations while improving their organization’s bottom line.

It may help to consult a professional organizer who helps people more efficiently manage their time, clutter, and personal energies.
It may help to consult a professional organizer who helps people more efficiently manage their time, clutter, and personal energies.

Colleges and universities also sometimes offer time management consulting to students and faculty members. Such resources help students learn to set and adhere to better study goals, and help faculty members better plan and facilitate classroom instruction by using detailed time management strategies. Often, consultants work with students and faculties in a group setting through special seminars that offer useful time management tips. Many institutions, however, also employ consultants who are available to work with students and faculty members on an individual basis.

Large businesses, governments and institutions of higher learning are not the only settings where time management consulting can be accessed. Many consultants offer services to individuals such as homemakers, sole proprietors, home-based entrepreneurs and volunteer groups. For a fee, professional one-on-one consulting can help individuals better organize personal matters, as well as small group efforts. Often, however, individuals in need of time management consulting access such through extension courses, small business seminars or other group settings.

A good portion of time management consulting is done in person. Books, group teleconferences and audiovisual aids offering time management strategies are also offered, however. Many professional consultants offer these materials to those who prefer a self-paced method of acquiring new time management habits. Regardless of how it is accessed, time management consulting is one of the best ways that a person or a group can learn to manage time and improve overall productivity.

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