What Does a Time Management Consultant Do?

B. Miller

A time management consultant is typically an independent contractor who is hired by a business in order to analyze the way time in the workplace is currently managed and make suggestions for improvement. This person will be knowledgeable in ways to increase employee focus and productivity, and thereby increase income for businesses, making his or her services a good investment in many cases. Though there are no specific time management consultant degrees, and some individuals working in this field do not have a college education beyond high school, it may be a good idea to pursue some further education in business. A consultant with an associate's or bachelor's degree in business, for example, might find that he or she is hired more often because companies trust more in her expertise.

Time management software.
Time management software.

There are a few different tasks that a time management consultant might be hired for. One of the most common and simplest is to simply visit the company and provide a general seminar with time management tips and tricks. This seminar may last the whole day, or just a few hours, and the consultant will share specific information that employees can use to make their work more efficient and increase their focus. Seminars like this may be given at larger conferences as well, where time management consultants are often hired.

Time management consultants help individuals more efficiently manage their time and personal energies.
Time management consultants help individuals more efficiently manage their time and personal energies.

In other cases, though, a time management consultant will be hired for a larger project that also involves analysis. This person may come into the company and observe the way it is managed, the way employees are directed, even the way the offices are designed or laid out. He or she will then provide suggestions for improvement that are specific to the office, as well as providing general tips for time management to employees. This is obviously a more involved and significantly more expensive process, but a good consultant can really make a difference in a corporate environment and get some great references for future work.

Anyone who wants to become a time management consultant will need to do a lot of independent study in addition to any sort of college education, to determine time management techniques that really work. Some study psychology as well to better understand human behavior. In addition, it will be necessary to collect references from previous satisfied customers, and market the business, since nearly all consultants are self-employed contract employees. It will take some effort to build a successful consulting business, but many people find it to be a lucrative and rewarding career.

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