What is Series 26?

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The Series 26 is a securities license obtained by finance professionals. Finance professionals with a Series 26 have the legal authority to organize and manage activities related to sales practices and investing. For some financial professionals, a Series 26 license is necessary to advance their careers. In many cases, the financial professional does not have to seek out the Series 26 license on their own. Numerous financial companies who hire financial professionals provide the necessary training and programs for the professional to obtain this license.

The Series 26 exam has 110 questions, and test takers have 150 minutes to complete the multiple-choice exam.
The Series 26 exam has 110 questions, and test takers have 150 minutes to complete the multiple-choice exam.

Before obtaining the license, the finance professional must undertake an exam. The exam is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and can be taken at any authorized testing site. The exam contains 110 questions and covers five areas, which include sales supervision, primary and secondary markets, customer accounts, financial responsibility, and retirement plans. The exam is also timed. Test takers have 150 minutes to complete the multiple-choice exam.

It is also imperative that the individual first pass the Series 6 or Series 7 exam before qualifying for the Series 26. In order to pass the Series license exam, the student must earn a score of at least 70%. Every Series exam requires a passing score at this percentage with the exception of the Series 65, which only requires a 68.5% score to pass .

According to American Investment Training, home study time to pass the exam generally takes about four weeks. This time is estimated for students who study one to two hours each day. Diligent study and good test preparation are key to pass the exam. Those who take the exam should also study common investment terms.

There are various outlets that offer Series 26 exam preparation. Individuals can get training online or through in-person seminars, books, and CDs. There are also extensive study programs that provide hundreds of sample quizzes and exams. These programs cover the essential topics that individuals must learn to obtain their license.

For some financial professionals, the Series 26 is necessary for career advancement. After obtaining a Series 26 license, financial professionals are in a better position to boost their income and climb the corporate finance ladder. Passing the exam also indicates that the professional is ready to take on more responsibility in the workplace.

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