What Is Remy Hair?

Andrea Cross

Remy hair is a type of hairpiece made entirely from real human hair that has been purchased from donors. When authentic, this type of hair is often considered to be the most superior form available due to its natural appearance and ability to be styled as desired. Remy hair is available as wigs and extensions and is generally more expensive than other hair enhancers. It is available in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles.

Purchasing shampoo and conditioner meant for use on hairpieces may help to prevent tangling.
Purchasing shampoo and conditioner meant for use on hairpieces may help to prevent tangling.

This type of hairpiece is considered superior to others due to the intact hair cuticles. With some forms of hair attachments, the cuticles on the hair are removed, and the hair is coated with synthetic material to make it appear smoother and more glossy. The synthetic material eventually degrades, leaving the hair dull and prone to tangling. Remy hair retains the natural cuticles, and the extensions and wigs are arranged so that the cuticles for each strand are aligned in the same direction. This produces smooth, sleek hair that stays in its original condition and is not any more prone to tangling than normal hair.

Remy hair is available in virgin and nonvirgin types. Virgin hair has not been chemically processed in any way and retains its natural color and texture. Nonvirgin hair has been processed, usually involving the application of color and texture, such as curls. Due to it being real human hair, it can be colored, cut, and heat styled in the same way natural hair can. It does, however, require care and maintenance.

Extensions are available as single or double drawn. Single-drawn types are bundles that include all the hair from the donor. This hair has not been sorted to match length, and so the bundle can contain shorter and longer pieces. Double-drown hair has been sorted after it has been collected, resulting in bundles of hair that have all the same length, which give a thicker appearance when applied. Of the two, double-drawn hair is more expensive.

Remy hair comes from a variety of sources. The most popular types tend to be from India and South America, particularly Brazil. These sources of hair, which only come in dark brown to black shades unless they have been colored, are popular due to their thick, wavy, and curly textures. Hair is also available from Europe, which tends to be finer and have a greater range of colors, and East Asia, particularly China, which provides mainly very straight, black hair.

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