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How Do I Choose the Best Wavy Remy Hair?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

Remy hair is a type of 100% human, cuticle-intact hair that is considered superior for use in wigs and hair extensions. Unlike synthetic hair, you can color and heat style Remy hair in the same way as your own hair, making it very versatile and natural looking. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing wavy Remy hair, including whether to purchase virgin or nonvirgin hair in single or double-drawn bundles. The texture of the waves and the source of the hair are also important considerations.

Wavy Remy hair can either be virgin, which has not been chemically processed in any way, or nonvirgin, which has been either chemically colored or styled. Much of virgin Remy hair is naturally wavy in varying levels of curl, so it is often fairly easy to find a wave similar to your own. It may be more difficult to find virgin hair in a color similar enough to your own to look natural, however, as most virgin wavy Remy hair tends to be dark brown to black in color. Nonvirgin hair may be a better choice as it comes in a much wider range of colors.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Single-drawn Remy hair has not been sorted and arranged into consistent lengths the same way that double-drawn hair has been. This is a good choice if your hair is layered because the Remy hair falls in natural-looking waves, blending with your own hair. If you are looking for wavy Remy hair that is relatively straight with waves toward the ends of the hair, then double-drawn hair is a better choice as it falls more evenly.

Choose wavy Remy hair that is similar in texture and wave style to your own, unless you are purchasing a wig or all-over weave. This helps to make the hair look more natural. Try to obtain some samples from either a salon or an online retailer, and hold it up to your own hair. Comb your fingers through the combination of your own and the Remy hair, and see how well they blend. Wavy Remy hair is available in varying degrees of waviness, from subtle, large, and loose body waves to waves that are almost curly.

Finally, choose wavy Remy hair from an appropriate source as this will affect the degree of wave and whether you can buy virgin hair or not. Indian or Brazilian Remy hair is usually naturally wavy and is good for women with coarser hair due to its thick texture. Chinese Remy hair, on the other hand, tends to be very straight. If your hair is more fine, then European sources of hair are best because wavy hair is readily available and also comes in a greater range of colors and textures.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip