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What is Online Personal Training?

T. Webster
T. Webster

Online personal training allows access to fitness trainers, diet plans, tutorials on proper exercise techniques and more, all via the Internet. Unlike exercise DVDs, online personal training offers variety and personalized instruction. Workouts are designed to meet individual weight-loss goals, fitness goals and fitness levels. Online personal training is similar to having professional guidance from a personal trainer at a gym. These programs tend to appeal to people who wish to work out on their own time without having to go to crowded fitness centers or gymnasiums.

Instructions are often provided on the length of time, speed and distance needed to get the maximum benefit from a workout. Some programs offer tutorials on proper exercise technique such as a library of video demonstrations. In addition to receiving online instruction, participants might jog outdoors, use exercise equipment or weights or complete a series of floor exercises. Programs also might offer online training summaries, a calendar to keep track of workouts and music that can be downloaded to accompany the workouts.

Some online personal training may come with a fee.
Some online personal training may come with a fee.

Support and motivation is a big factor in online personal training. This can happen either through a personal trainer who is available via email for questions or through an online support group. Some online personal training programs assign a trainer or trainers who are available virtually around the clock.

Online personal training programs also might provide interaction with other members so they can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. This might be done by logging workouts, meals and goals and sharing them with others. In addition, some sites allow members to post blogs, videos and pictures that can be shared with other members or kept private.

Diet plans are often provided as part of online personal training programs. These diets typically include a schedule of what to prepare and eat for every meal, along with snacks. The diet plans are calculated online based on total calories and nutritional needs. Shopping lists for each diet plan also might be provided. Videos conducted by a registered dietitian are often provided, as well.

Registration for these programs can be completed online, and the program generally begins immediately after payment is made. Some online personal training programs are offered free of charge. Fee-based programs often allow payments to be made on a month-to-month basis. This prevents users from being locked into a contract, as is sometimes the case with a standard membership in a gym or fitness center.

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    • Some online personal training may come with a fee.
      By: Vladimir Gerasimov
      Some online personal training may come with a fee.