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What are the Different Types of Online Fitness Programs?

C. Peete
C. Peete

Online fitness programs have increased in popularity over the years. They are a perfect option for people who prefer to accomplish their fitness goals from the comfort of their homes, away from the watchful eyes of onlookers at a gym. Those who want a good workout without the commute appreciate the convenience of an online fitness program. Most online fitness programs offer a complimentary free diet profile to determine fitness level and design a diet and exercise plan best suited for the customer. Online fitness programs also include message forums, tools to track diet and fitness progress, diet journals and recipes, articles and fitness videos.

Some of the most popular online fitness programs are those with diets, menus and shopping lists that can be customized. Many programs include message boards where users can discuss their goals, their progress, fitness tips and many other topics. Some types of online fitness programs focus on providing motivation to make daily exercise a normal part of the user's life. Others have users complete a health and fitness assessment, after which an exercise planner is designed, outlining aerobic, strength and flexibility programs tailored to the customer. Other popular features of online fitness programs are email exercise reminders, newsletters, resource libraries, exercise logs, calorie counters, demonstration videos and question-and-answer forums with fitness experts and dietitians.

Man lifting weights
Man lifting weights

There usually is a nominal cost to take advantage of these online fitness programs, although some programs or aspects of programs can be found for free. If there is a charge for a program, it is often affordable, and many users consider it a worthwhile investment toward better health. Some online programs even offer guarantees, such as receiving six months for free if the user fails to reach his or her weight goal after using the program for six months.

Choosing the right online fitness program requires an honest self assessment of one's own fitness level, one's level of commitment to work toward his or her goals and having the courage to take that first step toward better fitness. Anyone interested in finding an online fitness program should do research in order to choose a program that fits his or her preferences and lifestyle. A key aspect is that the program should be something that will be enjoyable so that the user will want to stick with it and will have a better chance of reaching his or her fitness goals.

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    • Man lifting weights
      Man lifting weights