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What is a Virtual Trainer?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

A virtual trainer is a physical fitness or nutrition expert who helps a person develop an exercise, diet or weight loss program online. It is an alternative to an in-person personal trainer and is normally less expensive. The program is less hands-on than in-person physical training or fitness, but may provide the type of education and motivation a person needs to develop and stick to an exercise program.

Certain exercises are best to accomplish certain specific goals. For example, weight resistance training can help a person lose weight and build strength. There are many different exercises that can be done to meet different goals, and many different cardiovascular exercises and weight resistance programs that can be completed to achieve various fitness goals. This can be overwhelming to individuals without training in fitness. As such, personal trainers help a person set up a program that is custom designed to his ability, body strength and shape, and fitness goals.

A virtual trainer helps a person develop a weight loss program online.
A virtual trainer helps a person develop a weight loss program online.

Often, personal trainers will work hands-on with an individual, watching him perform exercises and encouraging and motivating the person during his workouts. Such training, however, can be very expensive depending on the area of the country in which a person lives and the demand for personal trainers. As such, a virtual trainer can be a lower-cost alternative.

A virtual trainer will generally work with a client to understand that client's needs. He will speak to the client about his current exercise routine, his ability to perform various exercises, his body weight and diet, and other aspects of the person's physical fitness, such as any injuries that may prevent the person from doing certain exercises. The virtual trainer will also help his client develop goals and benchmarks for success.

Most often, a virtual trainer will then provide an individualized workout plan, instructing the person on what exercises to do and when and how to do them. The client will have to check in with the personal trainer periodically, to ensure that he is fulfilling the requirements of the program and to report on progress. The client can generally ask questions of the trainer and can report on problems or needs for modification of the exercise program. Having the trainer can thus ensure that a person sticks to his workout routine by making the individual accountable to someone else in the online world.

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    • A virtual trainer helps a person develop a weight loss program online.
      By: kai
      A virtual trainer helps a person develop a weight loss program online.