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What is Online Garden Design?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Online garden design is the process of designing a garden using a computer and the Internet. Many gardeners like to experiment with online garden design before they commit to making a specific design a reality. Websites with databases full of garden designing tools exist to help designers of any experience level create their perfect gardens. An online garden design website should offer databases full of plants, soils and ornamentals, numerous resources and community options.

A benefit of using online garden design is that it can help future gardeners plan, organize and prepare for their new gardens. Gardening can be an incredibly physical task, but creating a virtual garden to hammer out ideas can save gardeners many hours of work. It also can show them exactly how a planned garden will look before they take steps to actualize it.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Good online gardening websites will have all of the necessary tools for users to develop a garden to their specifications. Databases full of plants, soil types, decorations and other gardening factors should be offered to users who try to create a virtual garden. The goal is to create an online garden that closely mirrors what a future gardener has to work with in real life. Of course, gardeners also should verify that databases have features and tools that they plan to use in the future.

Users who want to try designing an online garden should look for websites that offer many types of resources. Articles, frequently asked questions (FAQs), tutorials and downloads should be made available to users interested in online garden design. For extra help, users can choose websites that have their own built-in communities. Community members can share ideas and experiences with others regarding online and physical gardening.

When looking for an online gardening community to join, future gardeners should aim to find a website that caters to their level of experience with gardening. Experience levels can range from beginner to expert. Generally, beginner gardeners should join websites that do not require users to have any preexisting knowledge of plants or landscaping. Drawing skills also should not be required of beginning gardeners.

In addition, future gardeners can learn how to design gardens by taking courses through email. Instructions on how to plan and design a garden can be delivered to recipients' inboxes each day. Recipients need only to read through the information and work through any assigned tasks to learn how to design a garden.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer