What Is Mineral Pressed Powder?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross
Mineral pressed powder is used to even skin tone.
Mineral pressed powder is used to even skin tone.

Mineral pressed powder is a cosmetic product that is made from minerals found naturally in the environment, namely the earth. A number of these minerals, however, are synthesized or processed in a laboratory for the purposes of producing ingredients pure enough for use in cosmetics. There are different kinds of mineral makeups, but pressed powder is one of the most popular. Pressed powder is used as a foundation product to even skin tone and cover blemishes.

The coverage provided by mineral pressed powder can range from sheer to medium, depending on the amount applied. Producing a matte finish, this product is available in a range of skin tones. To apply the powder, it is brushed on in light layers and blended into skin in circular motions in order to achieve a uniform look.

The popularity of this product is divided. Proponents of mineral pressed powder find that the light-reflecting particles help to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. They find that it absorbs excess sebum from the skin, keeping pores clear and making it excellent for oily skin. The titanium and zinc oxides common to many of the formulas function as anti-inflammatories, and many people with skin conditions such as acne and eczema find they are able to use the product without making their blemishes worse. Mineral pressed powder is also often recommended for sensitive skin as it is nonirritating.

Other positive attributes include its lack of chemicals and preservatives. It also provides a degree of protection against the sun and does not tend to break down in sunlight like many other cosmetics. Mineral pressed powder is also waterproof and provides a smooth, natural-looking finish even in humid conditions that would result in the melting of other products. Finally, it is considered good value for money because a little of the powder goes a long way.

On the other side, however, are consumers who believe the product is merely a trend and does not live up to the marketing hype. Rather then hide fine lines, they find that the product in fact settles into lines, creases, and pores, making them more obvious. If this product is used with other makeup, such as concealer, it can often absorb moisture from the other cosmetic, creating a thick, caked-on looking result.

Critics also find that mineral pressed powder does not work well to hide blemishes or pigmentation marks. As it absorbs oil, it can also be very drying to skin, resulting in a patchy look. Finally, although there is a range of colors available, they do not seem to work so well with darker skins. As with most cosmetics, different products work for different people, and mineral pressed powder may simply work better for some people than others.

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    • Mineral pressed powder is used to even skin tone.
      By: armina
      Mineral pressed powder is used to even skin tone.