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What Is Human Kinesiology?

Andrew Kirmayer
Andrew Kirmayer

Human kinesiology is a scientific field based on how the human body moves. The field encompasses the general study of how the muscles work and interact with the mechanical structures of the body. Human kinetics is studied in many different disciplines; it is widely used in sports medicine in addition to coaching and training. People working in the fitness industry make use of their knowledge of human kinesiology, as do those working in holistic medicine. There are many kinds of higher education programs that deal with different areas of the subject.

In holistic medicine, kinesiology is the analysis of the energy of the muscles. The strength or weakness of a muscle is used to determine imbalances that could indicate a physical or emotional problem. Human kinesiology is a scientific study of human anatomy and includes biomechanics, neuroscience, and the psychological elements of exercise. Connections between movement and health are addressed, and these details are used in physical therapy, physical education, and occupational therapy.

Kinesiologists study how the human body moves.
Kinesiologists study how the human body moves.

A career in human kinesiology can be a job in an educational or medical setting. One can also work to train and coach athletes. Education is extremely important for anyone looking to start a career in the field. There are many degree programs including bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees that provide the necessary education on the principles and purpose of kinesiology. Working as a coach requires knowledge of human movement, so that athletes can be safely trained and guided through their game and their physical routines.

In addition to anatomy and physiology classes, courses in research topics, curriculum development in physical education, and the legal issues of sports can be included in the study of human kinesiology. It is important to pick an area of kinesiology and then research the universities that offer related programs. A large number of jobs in the sports industry specialize in using human kinesiology to prevent athletes from being hurt and to rehabilitate those who’ve been injured. Physical rehabilitation in general requires this expertise and there are also jobs in various hospitals and clinics.

The movement of the body can be studied based on medical principles. It is also analyzed by computer systems connected to cameras, with software that can model the motion and position of the human body. Depending on local rules and regulations, professionals who use human kinesiology in their work may have to be licensed.

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    • Kinesiologists study how the human body moves.
      By: Alistair Cotton
      Kinesiologists study how the human body moves.