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What Is Hair Coloring Mousse?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

Hair coloring mousse is a substance that is sold commercially for the coloration of hair. It typically uses the same ingredients and compounds as liquid coloring agents, but it comes in a mousse texture that is more easily applied. Those who us a hair coloring mousse often experience less dripping, smearing, and messes when compared with those who use a liquid hair coloring kit.

The use of hair coloring mousse is relatively new when compared with more conventional dyes. They also may not be as widely available as liquid coloring kits, and they can be a little pricier. Mousse hair coloring can be much more convenient, however, because it doesn't drip or spill as liquids can. This allows for more even coloration and less mess during the process. It can also make coloring a specific portion of hair, such as the roots, much easier and with less streaking.

Hair coloring mousse is easier to apply than traditional hair color kits.
Hair coloring mousse is easier to apply than traditional hair color kits.

Using hair coloring mousse is very similar to using any other hair dye. The hair will have to washed and allowed to dry a little before application. Hands should be covered with gloves and the shoulders should be covered with a tarp to avoid staining hands and clothes. Mousse should be applied thoroughly to the hair and worked in slightly to saturate each strand.

After the coloring has been applied, there is a waiting period to ensure proper dyeing. Those who are trying to cover grays or who want a darker or brighter shade should keep the dye on longer. It is important not to leave it on too long, however, since this could cause the hair to dye to an unintended color.

Before using a hair coloring mousse, it's a good idea to test the color on a small piece of hair to ensure that it's the proper color. It might also be a good idea to use a small amount on an area of the skin to ensure that there are no signs of an allergic reaction. This should be done prior to using any hair color, even if the same brand or color has been used previously.

Hair coloring mousse can typically be found in department or drugstores. Salons might also have hair coloring kits, but many do not since most salons offer hair coloring as a service. Although they are often available online, it's not a good idea to purchase hair dye from the Internet unless you have used the brand before, because colors may vary from what is shown on the screen.

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    • Hair coloring mousse is easier to apply than traditional hair color kits.
      By: sytilin
      Hair coloring mousse is easier to apply than traditional hair color kits.