Why is Silk or Satin Put into Some Hair Products?

Dana Hinders

Hair products fortified with silk or satin are becoming widely popular among women of all ages since they can help repair damaged hair while improving its appearance. Silk or satin hair care products tend to be slightly more expensive than their counterparts, but fans say they are often well worth the added cost.

Silk cocoons.
Silk cocoons.

The formula of silk or satin hair care products is based on several years of scientific research. Hair is about 80% proteins, but most people don’t have diets with all the amino acids necessary to keep these proteins in top condition. Coloring, perming, or chemically straightening your hair can also deplete amino acids, causing additional damage to already fragile hair follicles. Using hair care products with silk or satin may help improve the condition of your hair by replacing these necessary amino acids and protecting hair from further damage.

A silkworm with its cocoon.
A silkworm with its cocoon.

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Proponents of hair products with silk or satin claim that those who use them see an improvement in shine, body and texture. Use of the products can result in smoother hair without a buildup of product that could weigh it down. Silk or satin hair care products are an excellent choice for women who use a flat iron to style their hair, since the proteins in silk or satin hair care products are often heat activated.

Silk or satin hair care products are often fortified with various botanicals, which means they frequently smell quite pleasant. Vitamin E and Vitamin B are also popular ingredients, since they can help to further strengthen hair. Some hair care products with silk or satin even have added sunscreen to protect your hair from the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Some of the many hair care products that contain silk or satin include shampoo, conditioner, finishing spray, mousse, pomade, gel, and thickening crème. Manufacturers of silk or satin hair care products include Frederic Fekkai, John Masters, Kenra, Graham Web, Biosilk, and Terax. You can find a wide selection of silk and satin hair care products at upscale salons and beauty supply shops. Several online retailers also have these items available for purchase.

Some silk or satin hair care products are intended for all hair types, while others are designed for fine hair, color treated hair, damaged hair, or other special circumstances. There are also silk or satin hair care products designed for the unique needs of African-American hair. Read labels carefully to make sure you are selecting the products that are right for you.

Plastic bottles of shampoo.
Plastic bottles of shampoo.

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