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What is Gazebo Netting?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Gazebo netting is mesh material that fits over a gazebo in order to keep bugs out, such as mosquitoes. This type of accessory can be purchased readymade, or constructed at home, as rolls of this material are often sold at some stores. The typical readymade netting should fit perfectly over most gazebos, and features zippered doors to make it easy to get in and out of the structure without letting in insects. The top is usually made out of canvas, and the bottom can typically be weighed down by either pouring water into the sleeves or putting heavy objects on them. Most netting products also allow owners to roll up the mesh and tie it back when they do not need protection from insects.

When purchasing either a new mesh net or netting material, attention should be paid to the number of holes per square inch. In general, more holes means that fewer types of insects can get through the material, while fewer holes means that only the larger bugs will be kept out. It should be noted that gazebo netting with the maximum holes possible is usually hard to see through and offers little air circulation, so it should usually only be purchased if tiny bugs tend to populate the area often. Of course, if the climate is normally too cool to benefit from a breeze, and the owner wants some privacy, gazebo netting with the smallest holes may be preferred.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Another consideration to make when buying gazebo netting is the color of the trim, as most of these products feature a variety of colors to choose from. While beige is often the most commonly seen shade, green, black, or brown are just some of the other colors also available. Additionally, the gazebo itself should be measured before netting is chosen for it, as it needs to be both wide enough and tall enough without being overly large. Finally, if the product features zippered doorways, the number of entrances needed should be considered, as a smaller gazebo is often fine with one or two, while a larger product may be better off with up to four.

Though most products purchased from the store feature zippers, gazebo owners can create an entrance for their homemade gazebo netting without sewing on zippered doors. Instead, the netting can overlap in areas, creating a section that is easy to walk through without bugs getting in. Netting can usually be cut from large rolls of the material at craft shops and home improvement stores, and then hung from the top of the gazebo using curtain rods. It can also be tacked to the top, and the bottom can be weighed down with heavy items, such as bricks or cement blocks, if necessary.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book