What is Business Analyst Software?

Carrieanne Larmore

Business analyst software is a type of management software that provides support for a range of decision-makers within an organization, such as executives and managers. It is commonly used by contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, accountants, consultants, and business brokers. This type of software has gained in popularity because it is the missing link between the accounting department and the rest of the organization.

Business analyst software breaks down financial information into usable reports.
Business analyst software breaks down financial information into usable reports.

The software brings data together from different sectors of the business into one platform for quick and supported decision-making. Depending on the specific software, it generally includes features for profitability enhancement, business valuations, acquisitions and divestitures, succession and estate planning, and exit strategies. Financial tools are also included to control the company’s cash flows and develop financial management strategies.

Basic business analyst software should be able to integrate into the business’s current systems for automated data entry. The less inputting that needs to be done, the less chances for errors. The software should include query and reporting, advanced analytics, and content analysis tools. These features save time and do not require employees to be advanced in programming to obtain the information needed.

A popular function of business analyst software is its ability to develop growth and exit strategies, as well as for business valuation. It can also assist with how to structure business deals to avoid surprises such as a company not being able to afford to pay its debt. The tools of valuation are flexible enough so organizations can calculate the fair market rate of the owner’s salary or the fair market return on an investor’s investment.

It is important for organizations to maintain quality data for use with the business analyst software or else it will offer poor results. The data captured should be checked periodically for accuracy and someone should be responsible for the analysis and delivery of information. The reports of the business analyst software are only as good as the information being put into the system.

There are other types of business software, such as business tracking software, to help management or key decision-makers within an organization. Business analyst software, however, is the top choice for analyzing the data from accounting and other departments into understandable reports. It simplifies the data in a format for those without a degree in accounting to understand. Whether the reports are for executives or employees working directly with customers, they are usually in an easy-to-read format for quick analysis.

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