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How do I Choose the Best Business Automation Software?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette

Business automation software is a program that helps integrate all of the different areas of a business or company. Automation software establishes processes for each department or area of the business and then helps to put these systems on autopilot. To choose the best business automation software, consider how long the software company providing the program has been in business, if the company specializes in the business's industry and how the company customizes the software to a user's needs.

Start by identifying the business automation software companies that have years of experience in building and managing the software. A software that has been available for years has been through the testing phase. It typically means the company that builds the software has had time to work out any of the problems the software may have. Additionally, a software company that has been providing these types of programs for years has the experience in working with clients to meet the needs of their business.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Consider companies that provide business automation software that is specific to your industry. Generally, business automation software offers similar features to ERP software. The primary difference is that the business automation software is for service-oriented businesses, while ERP software works better in product-based businesses. For example, some software companies cater to the IT industry, to consultants or to marketing organizations. Narrow the choices down to companies that provide software with specifications for your type of business.

For example, the process for routing a client request for a company that provides IT support may assign the request according to the type of problem the client is having. The process is different than an advertising agency, where the callback needs to be assigned according to geographic area of the account representative. Identifying the software companies that already understand the processes for one particular industry means that the software will better fit the business's needs.

Finally, assess the customization available for the software system. For example, to maintain a brand, consider a software that can incorporate a specific logo, colors and overall look and feel of the existing brand. While processes may fit a particular industry, a business owner may handle situations differently within his or her business, so identifying software options that can be personalized to fit specific processes is useful.

Once software programs that have been around for several years have been selected, narrow down choices by those that specialize in your industry. Further narrow options by cutting them down to programs that are customizable to specific business needs. The business automation system left standing is the best one for the business.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer