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What is Business Intelligence Software?

Haven Esme
Haven Esme

Each day, large corporations are bombarded with huge amounts of data that helps them run their organization and learn more about their business processes. To keep the data organized, software programs are needed. Business intelligence software was designed to be a tool and system that can help corporations with their business planning process.

Business intelligence software provides businesses with the systems needed to gather and analyze data that will play a key role in decision-making. In the past, the intelligence software was considered a costly method by which businesses could determine their strategies and plans for the future. Today, most businesses use some type of business intelligence software. Unfortunately, it can be costly for a company to employ the software. Some business intelligence software costs millions of US Dollars to create and install.

A business intelligence software package with a CD.
A business intelligence software package with a CD.

Human resources departments use the software to make critical decisions such as determining whether to lay off or hire new staff. The software can also calculate the approximate number of staff needed based on the business processes involved. Staff calculations can also be made based on the number of sales a business is generating. The intelligence software can also provide insight on the most cost-effective ways a business can run without having to employ a larger staff.

Business intelligence software is essential in determining how profitable products and services are. The right software will determine if a company is profiting from their products and services, and also provide a company with insight on what they can do to improve the profitability of a product or service. For most businesses, the bottom line determines whether or not the company will continue to exist.

Some companies use business intelligence software to uncover and correct flawed business processes. Companies may be unknowingly losing money because they fail to identify problem areas. Business intelligence software helps identify those areas in which a company is failing.

Although business intelligence software can represent a broad category of systems, technologies, and applications, the essential goal of the software is the same. Every business intelligence system is created to provide reports that will help company owners make profitable and wise decisions concerning their company. With good software, companies can feel more confident when making decisions. The software provides them the information that allows them to clearly see the benefits of their decisions.

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    • A business intelligence software package with a CD.
      By: Mircea Maties
      A business intelligence software package with a CD.