What is an Orthopedic Pet Bed?

Marjorie McAtee
Marjorie McAtee
Cats and dogs.
Cats and dogs.

An orthopedic pet bed is a specially designed pet bed that provides orthopedic support for a pet's joints and muscles. Orthopedic pet beds can help pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint disorders to feel more comfortable while resting. They can also help prevent the onset of joint disorders in healthy animals. An orthopedic pet bed may be soft or firm, and is usually made out of orthopedic foam, egg crate foam, or gel foam. These beds can conform to an animal's body shape to eliminate pressure points and lead to more restful sleep and less painful joints.

Pet beds for orthopedic support come in a variety of sizes and materials for every pet's needs. Ideally, an orthopedic pet bed should be large enough to allow the animal in question to stretch out and feel comfortable, and it should also be large enough to support the animal's body weight. Most orthopedic pet beds come with machine-washable mattress covers, which make it easy for pet owners to keep pet beds clean and sanitary.

The foam core is often the most important element of an orthopedic pet bed. Quality beds often contain a core of memory foam or gel foam, and orthopedic foam and egg crate foam are also used. These foams can offer more orthopedic support to a pet than the stuffing used in many non-orthopedic pet beds. Breathable memory and egg crate foams can retain a pet's body heat, to keep him warm in cold weather, or dissipate his body heat, to keep him comfortable in hot weather. Heated orthopedic pet beds often have chew-proof wiring and may be designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Both old and young pets can benefit from sleeping on an orthopedic pet bed. These beds help to remove the pressure points that can cause stiffness and pain upon waking. Pets with joint disorders such as hip dysplasia and arthritis often sleep more comfortably on orthopedic beds, and experience an increased range of movement while awake. Pets without joint disorders can benefit from a decreased risk of developing these problems later in life. Pets with and without joint disorders are more likely to sleep soundly and comfortably on an orthopedic bed.

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    • Cats and dogs.
      By: cynoclub
      Cats and dogs.