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What is an Indoor Air Filter?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Air filters provide a good method for removing dust and pollen from the surrounding air. An indoor air filter is an air-cleaning system that removes harmful particles from the air. These filters are typically used in homes, businesses, and manufacturing facilities that require purification of the air.

Most cigar and smoke shops use an indoor air filter. These stores typically allow their customers to smoke tobacco while they are shopping. Using an air cleaner keeps the air fresh and reduces the smell from burning tobacco within the store.

Some indoor air filters can reduce the smell of cigarette smoke.
Some indoor air filters can reduce the smell of cigarette smoke.

An asthma sufferer typically uses an indoor air filter to help control his asthma symptoms. These products are available in portable units that can easily sit in most bedrooms and office spaces. Having an air filter in the office helps control unwanted dust during working hours.

The indoor air filter is an electric-powered unit that easy to maintain. The filtration system uses a small fiberglass filter. The filter is the control mechanism that captures dust and particles from the air. This filter will typically require replacement every 60 days.

High-efficiency particle air filter systems are ranked the highest in quality and control of air particles. These systems typically provide a 99 percent air cleaning rating. This is extremely high compared to other filtration systems and best for people who need good air quality.

An indoor air filter is also used on airplanes. This system filters the air that is breathed by passengers. An air purification system is critical for air travel because the air can quickly become stagnate and dirty with hundreds of passengers.

Most hospitals use advanced indoor air filters in their operating rooms. These systems are designed to remove micro particles from the air. Having an air cleaning system in a hospital reduces the spread of germs and disease, which is essential in that environment.

Air filters systems are also available in most home heating and air conditioning systems. These systems require the connection of an air cleaner on the inlet unit. Many of these units are electrically charged to capture air particles through static electricity.

Automotive painting operations require an advanced air filter system. These use manual air filter units in combination with central air cleaners. Automotive paint contains many toxic chemicals. Having a filtration system protects the painters from lung damage and long-term health issues.

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    • Some indoor air filters can reduce the smell of cigarette smoke.
      By: Denys Rudyi
      Some indoor air filters can reduce the smell of cigarette smoke.