How do I Choose the Best Indoor Planters?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best indoor planters will depend on the types of plants you have, their care and the style of your home. When buying new plants for your home's interior, always read the growing information on the marker or stake that comes with each plant. Often, this stake will not only mention the amount of sun or shade that is best for the plant, but also the recommended type of pot or planter. Keeping those guidelines in mind for each particular plant you buy, you can then choose the color and material options to suit your home.

Neutral colored indoor planters work well in just about any style of room decor.
Neutral colored indoor planters work well in just about any style of room decor.

If you have many plants, a mishmash of assorted colors and materials of indoor planter may give your interior design a more chaotic or cheap kind of look than you'd like. If this is the case, create a more uniform, cohesive appearance to your collection of indoor planters, choose either a basic material or shape. For example, in a modern home you may want aluminum or stainless steel planters. If you use the same basic silver-toned finish, the particular different sizes, shapes and textures you pick won't ruin the look because the material ties them all together.

As an alternative, you could use a strong shape, such as a cube, to tie in different sizes and colors of planter. Of course, you should still make sure that the colors of the indoor planters you choose fit in with your interior decor scheme. If you can't seem to find planters you like in those colors, it's usually easiest just to select neutral colors as they will suit any home decor. The versatility and tasteful appeal of most neutral-colored planters, such as those in black, white and shades of beige or gray, makes them ideal for any room.

If you travel a lot and don't always have someone available to water your plants, you may want to consider getting some self-watering indoor planters. Make sure though that this type of indoor planter is recommended for the kind of plant for which you're considering using it. Your local nursery is usually a great source of information on which plants are best for your home, depending on conditions such as sunlight and humidity. A plant specialist can also help you find both plants and planters that suit the level of maintenance and care that you'll be able to provide for each plant in your home.

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