What are the Best Tips for Air Quality Control?

Felicia Dye

Controlling air quality is an issue both outdoors and indoors. Joint efforts between governments and citizens are one of the best ways to positively impact outdoor air quality. People should support and adhere to clean air regulations. Governments should invest in research and development for new technology. Indoor air quality control measures should include allowing fresh air to circulate, using air purifiers, and maintaining good housekeeping standards.

Some factories install biofiltration systems to reduce air pollution.
Some factories install biofiltration systems to reduce air pollution.

One major obstacle to air quality control efforts are people who resist change. Attempts can be much more effective when there are joint efforts between governments and citizens. Individuals who want to do their part to improve or preserve outdoor air quality should prioritize anti-pollution measures. This means that people should adhere to regulations, even when they could easily be ignored without detection. People should also support proposed clean air legislation.

Industrial emissions are a major source of air pollution.
Industrial emissions are a major source of air pollution.

There are several sources that have been identified as major pollutants. One of them includes the exhaust fumes created by vehicles. In some jurisdictions, there is already a significant body of regulation attempting to control automobile emission standards. Even in the absence of this legislation, individuals should attempt to address the issue by purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles, choosing vehicles that utilize cleaner technology, and carpooling.

Another major source of air pollution are industrial emissions. These emissions can usually be directly linked to consumer behaviors. The more demand that there is for goods, the more goods manufacturers tend to produce, which tends to increases the amount of pollution that they create. If consumers become more efficient in their use of goods, this situation could be positively affected. Consumers can also play a major role in air quality control by supporting businesses that take measures to curb their emissions.

Governments can have a major impact on air quality control if they motivate their citizenship with financial incentives. One good way of doing this is by providing tax breaks for certain behaviors that reduce air pollution, such as using alternative energy or converting to energy efficient appliances. Another way is by investing in the research and development of clean air technology. As more goods and services become available to keep the air clean, more people are likely to utilize them.

Air quality in a home or business can be greatly improved by fresh, circulating air. People are often prone to keeping windows and doors shut. This is especially true in certain weather conditions. The problem with this is that this habit tends to exacerbate conditions such as allergies and asthma, and it may increase the likelihood spreading air-borne conditions such as the flu. If it is not feasible for a person to allow fresh air into a place on a regular basis and for sufficient periods, the use of an air purifier is strongly advised.

Good housekeeping methods are also essential to indoor air quality control. Individuals should dust regularly and be sure not to omit areas such as corners, high ledges, and window sills. Any type of carpeting in a building should be vacuumed regularly and shampooed periodically. Efforts should be made to prevent mold and mildew and to immediately eliminate it if it does appear.

Carpooling can reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality.
Carpooling can reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality.

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