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What is an Image Consultancy?

Kerrie Main
Kerrie Main

Many people believe that image is the key to financial, personal, and professional success. Some might look to image consultants to help improve their appearance, demeanor, or reputation. In an image consultancy, clients generally are given a makeover to change overall appearance, behavior, and communication abilities. There are many different types of image consulting for individuals and corporations.

Typically, an image consultancy starts when a client identifies the end-goals for the overall transformation, which usually includes personal and professional reasons. The image consultant generally reviews the current situation and then offers suggestions for areas of improvement. If the client accepts the recommendations, a plan is created to begin implementing the changes. The overall execution time usually depends on the extent of the plan and type of client.

Personal image consultants may specialize in certain areas, like fashion.
Personal image consultants may specialize in certain areas, like fashion.

Personal image consulting generally is for individuals seeking to improve their personal or professional styles. In an image consultancy of this type, image consultants usually give advice on clothing, hairstyle, and makeup or grooming, and verbal and non-verbal communication. For example, if the goal of a client is to land a promotion, the image consultant typically will give advice on how to dress more professionally or improve public-speaking skills.

Typically, when organizations need to create or improve public image, they meet with corporate image consultants. This kind of image consultancy generally transforms the appearance of staff who works directly with the customers, branding, advertising, press releases, Website, and other marketing materials. Clients of this consulting type usually are starting an organization, rebuilding an organization, or trying to improve the poor image of an organization.

Celebrity image consulting usually is for public figures that need an image consultancy to change and improve their public face, whether they are looking for polishing or damage control. Politicians, movie stars, chief executive officers (CEOs), and others sometimes utilize stylists, public relations representatives, managers, and etiquette professionals for help with their images. An example of this kind of consulting is when an up-and-coming actress is dressed in designer clothing and learns how to be interviewed.

Many different types of people have an image consultancy to improve their personal or professional situations. Whether it is learning to incorporate personal style in a more polished way to attract more suitors, some believe image consulting can help transform people into better versions of themselves. Individuals or corporations wanting to make significant changes to appearance and how others perceive them usually are good candidates for image consulting.

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    • Personal image consultants may specialize in certain areas, like fashion.
      By: PhotoSG
      Personal image consultants may specialize in certain areas, like fashion.