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What is Image Consultant Training?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Image consultant training teaches students how to professionally coach others on how to present their best image to the world. Image consulting training programs prepare students for professional consultant careers. Subjects covered in image consultant training include how people judge others, how to build self-esteem and how to bring out a client’s unique style in a way that contributes to his or her success.

Although wardrobe and makeup selection for others is part of being an image consultant, image consulting goes far beyond improving physical looks. Rather, image consultants also help people gain confidence by showing them how to project the image they want to project to the world. Communication, etiquette and speech are emphasized since image involves behavior and actions toward others and not just appearance.

Maintaining eye contact is important when interviewing for a job.
Maintaining eye contact is important when interviewing for a job.

An image consulting training program teaches consultants how to coach the client on showcasing his or her best features, both in looks and in actions. For example, if a client who was once wary of confidently shaking hands at a job interview and keeping comfortable eye contact with the potential employer now gains those skills, the image consultant will encourage these new actions, as they are likely to lead to the client’s success during job interviews. Image consultant training will also teach consultants to help the client pick out flattering and appropriate clothing as well as offer instruction in hairstyling and overall grooming if needed.

The main purpose of image consultant training is to prepare consultants to see the potential in each client so they can guide the client into reaching that potential. The work image consultants do must helps the client be more successful in his or her daily life as well as try to help him or her reach goals. Clients may be older women returning to the work force, graduates starting or changing careers or men or women who need help in selecting clothing in flattering colors and fits. Image consulting clients may also be transgendered people or people who have overcome illness or experienced a large weight loss.

Image consultant training may be taken on site or online. Programs vary in length, but image consulting training schools tend to teach the same content. Lectures and exams may be part of an image consulting training program. After image consulting training, some program graduates may become professional business speakers who speak on the topic of the importance of image in business and in life.

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    • Maintaining eye contact is important when interviewing for a job.
      By: vgstudio
      Maintaining eye contact is important when interviewing for a job.