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What Is an Enrollment Counselor Do?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella

An enrollment counselor provides advice and guidance to applicants seeking admission to a college, university or other type of educational establishment. Counselors are normally employed by a specific establishment and are responsible for ensuring that sufficient numbers of students are enrolled in programs. In some instances, counselors actively recruit students by making visits to schools and businesses.

Typically, an enrollment counselor must have a thorough knowledge of the educational establishment's admission criteria. In some countries, students can be admitted to universities on the basis of graduating high school with certain grades. Admissions rules in other nations mean that students are enrolled for specific degree programs and can only be considered for admission if they have achieved certain grades in particular subjects. Prospective students often solicit advice from counselors about the enrollment process so the counselors must maintain files and fact sheets that detail the current admissions standards for different courses and programs.

Woman posing
Woman posing

In some countries, students who lack the academic credentials to enroll in college or university classes can enroll in non-degree level college based classes that can be used as a substitute for high school diplomas or other types of academic qualifications. An enrollment counselor must help such students to enroll in the correct classes so that the student can transition into the regular college or university programs upon completion of the assigned classes. In some instances, counselors have the authority to use discretion and enroll students who fail to meet the required academic standards if some kind of mitigating circumstances exist. Counselors often liaise with high school teachers in such situations.

Students are responsible for paying for their college and university classes in many countries but in some instances students can qualify for financial aid or student loans. An enrollment counselor must provide applicants with information about financial aid programs and a counselor may even have the responsibility of filing applications for such aid on behalf of eligible students. Counselors also provide students with information about grants that top performing students can earn on the basis of factors such as their degree course, their ethnic origin or their religious beliefs.

Colleges and universities need to generate revenue in the form of tuition fees in order to remain solvent. Regardless of whether fees are paid by students or governmental agencies, counselors are encouraged to promote college classes at local schools and businesses in order to fend off competition from other educational establishments. Some universities offer scholarships to people with the best academic credentials as a way of encouraging more students to enroll in programs. Counselors must promote scholarships, host presentations at businesses and schools and be prepared to answer general and course related questions from prospective enrollees.

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