How Do I Become an Enrollment Representative?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

An enrollment representative performs tasks involved in enrolling people in a program, school, or organization. Many of these jobs only require a high school diploma, but colleges and other educational institutions often prefer to hire representatives with bachelor's degrees. You will typically have to perform clerical and customer service work once you become an enrollment representative, so experience in both of these areas is usually necessary. Additionally, you will likely need excellent communication and interpersonal skills for interacting with enrollment candidates and other staff members.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

In most cases, a high school education is required when you want to become an enrollment representative. Most employers prefer to hire candidates with high school or General Educational Development® (GED®) diplomas, but you won't usually need to take any specific high school courses to qualify for this job. There are, however, some courses that may help prepare you for the tasks you will have to perform. This type of job typically requires familiarity with computers, so taking computer classes in high school may help you prepare, especially if those classes teach data entry and typing. Additionally, this job usually requires good interpersonal and communication skills, so classes, clubs, or volunteer activities that help you learn to communicate well, problem solve, and get along with others may prove helpful.

There are some types of jobs for which holding a college degree will prove to be an asset or may even be mandatory. For example, you may need a degree to become an enrollment representative for a college or some other types of educational institutions. Optimal major choices might include business, marketing, or education. Sometimes human resource majors prove appropriate for enrollment representative jobs as well.

Many employers seek candidates who have customer service skills for this job. As such, you may have a better chance of securing the job you want if you have worked in a customer service position for at least a year. Sales experience can prove helpful as well, as it can help you learn how to interact with people and meet their needs. If you will work for a college or other type of educational institution, previous experience in an admissions department may also prove important.

Computer experience and skills are usually required for landing a job as an enrollment representative. You will typically need good typing skills as well as data entry abilities. Most jobs in this field will also require you to have experience and skills with business productivity software, including word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Your communication skills may also prove particularly important when you want to become an enrollment representative. Your job will likely entail answering questions, providing information, and engaging in problem solving. You will also need a good memory and solid comprehension skills in order to understand company policies and procedures and explain them to others.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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