How Do I Become an Enrollment Advisor?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

An enrollment advisor, also sometimes referred to as an admissions counselor or an enrollment counselor, is a very important figure at a college or university. He or she works with students throughout the application and registration process, assisting them in learning about the college, and in selecting a major or courses to take. In order to become an enrollment advisor, it will generally be necessary to pursue a four-year bachelor's degree in a related field such as educational administration or business. Getting work experience in an office or in a university environment will also be very helpful when trying to become an enrollment advisor; it is necessary to demonstrate your ability to work in a team, and to be both a responsible and outgoing, friendly individual.

It would be very difficult to become an enrollment advisor without going through a four-year degree program yourself. This is because universities want to hire people who are experienced with the process of applying to college, selecting a major, and enrolling in courses. This hands-on experience is simply invaluable. Though some colleges or universities might be willing to train someone as an enrollment advisor without a college degree, it is pretty rare; even a general liberal arts degree would be useful in this field. Upper-level college counseling or advising positions might require a master's degree or higher.

Also important when trying to become an enrollment advisor is gaining work experience. Most colleges and universities will specifically train you in their methods, but they will generally expect you to have at least some experience on a resume. If possible, working in the registration office in a college can help you to gain valuable experience in this area, but working in any sort of administrative role can be helpful as well. Jobs that allow you to work as part of a team, to communicate frequently with other people, or to give presentations are important as well.

This is because an enrollment advisor is someone who often serves as a central point of contact with the college, so it is necessary to be friendly, outgoing, and professional at all times if you want to become an enrollment advisor. In addition, you might need to give presentations to visiting prospective students or orientation programs, so it is important to be comfortable in front of others. The ability to be well-spoken is almost as important in this position as the knowledge you possess about the college and the application process.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips