What is a Welded Wire Fence?

Gregory Hanson
Gregory Hanson
Welded wire fencing is a common choice for deer control fencing.
Welded wire fencing is a common choice for deer control fencing.

A welded wire fence is a type of fence product loosely related to chain link fencing. It is both durable and inexpensive. It is available in a variety of different styles and strengths. A welded wire fence can be used as an all-purpose fence and is also frequently employed in animal enclosures.

A chain link fence is essentially woven together from different lengths of wire. A welded wire fence achieves a similar balance between cost, strength, and size, but uses different construction techniques. A welded wire fence consists of wires that cross one another and are welded together at the points of contact. Most welded wire fencing is constructed in a square pattern, but diamond and other patterns are available.

The gauge of wire used in the construction of a welded wire fence as well, as the spacing between wires, determines how sturdy the finished product will be and for what applications it is suitable. Thicker wire, spaced more closely together, is suitable for containing even very large and aggressive animals, for example. Smaller wire with greater spacing between the wires may suffice for the containment of smaller or mild-mannered animals and is also often employed in a more ornamental role.

The simplest varieties of welded wire fencing consist solely of bare welded wires. These can be very economical, especially for long outdoor fence runs. This fence is most often made of galvanized metal to offer some protection from the elements. Welded wire fencing can also be manufactured with a vinyl coating. This coating improves the aesthetic appearance of the fence and also offers excellent resistance to the elements, as the vinyl coating is nearly impervious to wind and water damage.

Installation of welded wire fences is no more difficult than the installation of chain link fences. Fence posts are sunk into the ground to a depth specified by local building code and determined by the frost line. They are secured with concrete, and the fence is mounted to the poles. In some instances, welded wire fences are constructed from modular fence panels, which can be assembled and attached to poles. In other cases, the fencing is produced in roll form.

Welded wire fencing is a common choice for animal control. Kennels, including modular kennels that can be easily dismantled for transport, are often built from it. The price and durability of this type of fencing also make it a common and economical choice for deer control fencing.

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    • Welded wire fencing is a common choice for deer control fencing.
      Welded wire fencing is a common choice for deer control fencing.