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What are the Different Types of Wire Fence Panels?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The two most common types of wire fence panels are welded wire fence panels and decorative wire panels, but other types do exist. Chain link fencing, while not technically wire fence panels, is perhaps the most common and recognizable of all the wire fencing options; the chain links generally come in spools, though chain link fence panels are available. Wire panels can be used for pool fencing, garden fencing, security fencing, decorative fencing, or any other application in which an affordable fencing option is needed. Welded wire panels make great security fencing as well, and the panels can be made to any size specification.

Decorative wire fence panels come in an array of shapes and sizes, and they can be painted to fit an existing color scheme. They are popular around pools and playgrounds because they can help keep children either in or out of a specific area while still looking attractive and inviting. Very often such wire fence panels are made from a thicker gauge wire to make the structure stronger. Painting is actually not done with paint at all; wires are usually sprayed with a PVC coating that helps protect the wire from rust and corrosion. Wire fence panels can also be galvanized — or, coated in zinc to prevent rust and corrosion.

Wire fences are often used to contain livestock.
Wire fences are often used to contain livestock.

Thinner wire fence panels can be used for garden fencing or other lightweight applications. Some panels do not require posts to be sunk into concrete footings either, since the fence is not meant to be weight-bearing. Garden fencing is usually built to prevent animals from getting into the garden and eating plants, so the structure does not have to be especially strong. If bigger animals are an issue, thicker gauge panels can be purchased and installed with posts sunk into concrete footings for added stability.

Wire panels are also commonly used in industrial settings to define a perimeter around the building or to create a specific workspace within a factory or warehouse setting. The wire fencing is effective at keeping people away from dangerous machines, or for preventing larger pieces of debris from escaping a contained area. The same idea can be applied to indoor baseball batting cages or other indoor sports arenas and pay areas as well. Even farms and ranches can use wire panels to contain livestock, section off an area that contains large pieces of equipment, or as a perimeter fence for the property.

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    • Wire fences are often used to contain livestock.
      By: ihervas
      Wire fences are often used to contain livestock.