What is a Website Promoter?

Ken Black

A website promoter can be a software program, a firm, or individual, that seeks to get exposure for a website by promoting it to individuals. One of the main ways this is done is by getting the site listed on popular search engines. The website promoter may also come up with an advertising campaign for the site. Further, there are other methods that will lead to increased hits. Casual website developers may not be aware of these methods, or may not have the skills or funds necessary to exploit them.

Copywriters are sometimes employed to promote websites.
Copywriters are sometimes employed to promote websites.

The most common way to promote a website is simply to use an online promotion service, or to download website promoter software to a computer. The best programs will help analyze the software and come up with ways to improve the site, thus help get good exposure from search engines. The software may even come up with a marketing plan. Reviews of common software products are available to help individuals choose something that will work best for them.

A website promoter may use search engine optimization techniques.
A website promoter may use search engine optimization techniques.

For those who need an additional level of help, hiring a firm specializing in website promotion, or hiring an individual website promoter can be a very effective thing to do. Those who take this route should understand going in that this will require a substantial sum of money. For non-business sites, this type of website marketing may not be worth it. For those who are trying to run a business, or earn some income, from a website, this may be a good option.

One of the most common techniques to use is search engine optimization (SEO). Common search engines routinely visit websites and look for changes and consistencies. Coming up with a constant phrase or slogan, and using it throughout the site can help lead to better rankings. Establishing outside links and adding information to any graphics on the site could also help increase the website's positioning in some search engines.

A website promoter may also suggest using search engine advertising. Different search engines will offer sponsor links. While each program is set up a little differently, most of the time one can bid on the price one is willing to pay when someone clicks on the ad. The more one is willing to pay, the higher the positioning they will receive in the sponsor's section of the results. Most of the time, the advertiser is only charged if an individual follows that link to the website. Further, the advertiser is able to determine a daily budget. Once that amount is reached, the ad will no longer appear on the sponsor's list of results until the next day.

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