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What is a Waterfall Shower Head?

Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

A waterfall shower head is a kind of bathroom hardware meant to create an experience similar to bathing under a natural waterfall. Rather than dispensing water through several small nozzles like a standard shower head, this type often resembles a wide mouth from which a single, thick stream of water can flow. A professional or a homeowner with some do-it-yourself know-how may install a waterfall shower head in place of a standard appliance for bathtubs and showers. A variety of finishes are usually available.

People who prefer a waterfall shower head to a standard shower head often cite the similarity to bathing in nature as an asset. The idea behind this type of hardware is to recreate the look and feel of a waterfall, in which a cascading flow of water falls from a height. Therefore, instead of a weak or a pressurized group of smaller water streams, this device can produce one torrent of relatively average pressure.

A waterfall shower head.
A waterfall shower head.

To create this type of stream, the opening of a waterfall shower head usually resembles a spout meant to pour the contents easily and constantly. The entire fixture may be square or rectangular as opposed to round. This appearance is quite different than a standard shower head, which is typically round with multiple small holes.

While a waterfall fixture may be more commonly found in bathtubs, the same effect can be produced in the shower by affixing the hardware high up on a wall or on the ceiling. Even though many types of shower heads can be moved or might even be hand-held, a waterfall shower head is generally stationary. There are some models, however, that allow the users to direct the flow of water as needed.

Some individuals might not enjoy the experience of showering in a waterfall because the pressure of the water stream may not be very great. Especially if the water in the area is soft, creating more of a soapy lather, it can be difficult to thoroughly wash off suds and shampoos in this type of stream. Additionally, there are those who wish to be able to move the shower head around quite a bit during a shower. This act is troublesome, if not impossible, in a waterfall-like shower.

Like most other types of shower heads, these waterfall fixtures are commonly available in a variety of finishes. From chrome to steel to brass and other looks, it is probable that an individual will find the hardware to fit a particular aesthetic. One may wish to consider the possibility that it may be necessary to hire a professional contractor to install a new shower head.

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    • A waterfall shower head.
      By: Filipebvarela
      A waterfall shower head.