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How do I Choose the Best Flexible Shower Heads?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

Whether you’re doing a simple bathroom upgrade or a total bathroom remodel, choose the best flexible shower heads by first investigating the virtues of several models, making a list of those that have the best consumer ratings and comparing the prices of several manufacturers. After getting a feel for the different brands available, you should then have an idea of the shower head type that will best suit your needs. Once you have a healthy list of flexible shower heads, make your final selection by choosing the one that offers the best value while also being a perfect fit for your bathroom décor and shower type.

Several manufacturers make flexible shower heads, so be sure to do a thorough investigation of the different brands available to you. While assessing things, pay close attention to how many spray settings each has and be sure to only consider those with settings you and your family will most likely use. Many flexible shower heads come with six or more settings, but if your family is only likely to use two or three settings, you may be able to find a less expensive shower head type with only a few settings.

A flexible shower head.
A flexible shower head.

After you’ve begun to familiarize yourself with the different manufacturers that make flexible shower heads, do a little research to find which brand or model has the best consumer ratings. You can do this by visiting consumer review websites or shopping websites that offer consumer feedback on products purchased. Carefully read several reviews and build a list of flexible shower heads that feature high ratings for quality, function and durability.

Lower-cost flexible shower heads typically have only a few settings.
Lower-cost flexible shower heads typically have only a few settings.

When shopping for flexible shower heads, try to find the best price option for your budget. To help with this, consider purchasing your shower upgrade fixtures from an online merchant, as some offer prices that are better than brick and mortar stores. A lower price online is not a guarantee, however, and shipping times will certainly be longer than if you were to purchase from a local store, but many people have found that the total price of a bathroom remodel can be lowered when time is spent doing a little comparison shopping online before purchasing bathroom fixtures.

From your list of affordable flexible shower heads that offer all of the features you need, determine which one best suits your bathroom’s décor and, in particular, your shower type. If you have a small shower enclosure, select one that will fit comfortably inside of your shower without overpowering the available space. Be sure to also keep the comfort of other family members in mind and select the fixture that can be easily reached and handled by all.

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    • A flexible shower head.
      By: Serghei Velusceac
      A flexible shower head.
    • Lower-cost flexible shower heads typically have only a few settings.
      By: Ariwasabi
      Lower-cost flexible shower heads typically have only a few settings.