How Do I Choose the Best Shower Shampoo Dispenser?

Andrew Kirmayer

A shower shampoo dispenser is an accessory that can save space and make it easier to draw the right amount of product each time you use it. Choosing the best one is often a matter of what fits in the shower and whether it holds the products that you need. Some dispensers can store one shampoo, while others can include multiple reservoirs for different types of shampoo, conditioner, or lotion. There may be extra features to consider as well. Shower shampoo dispenser models can often be found with things like clocks and radios, as well as built-in storage cabinets.

Shower shampoo dispensers come in various colors and finishes designed to match shower and bathroom fixtures.
Shower shampoo dispensers come in various colors and finishes designed to match shower and bathroom fixtures.

Size is usually an important consideration for a shower shampoo dispenser. The purpose is generally to make things easier, so you don’t have to worry about extra bottles lying around. Make sure that each reservoir of the dispenser is large enough to hold the bottle’s contents, and there are enough compartments to suit your needs. It is often useful to find out the dimensions of the device before you buy it, to be sure that it will fit on the wall or in the corner of the bathroom or a small shower.

When shopping around, you can also look into the method in which the shower shampoo dispenser is filled and operated. Cleaning the device should not be difficult, and one that takes more time clear dirt from may not be worth your time. It should wipe clean with a cloth rather quickly, especially compared to wiping around a bottle or shelf.

The way in which the shampoo dispenser is mounted is sometimes crucial to making the right decision. Some dispensers mount on brackets or secure to a wall with screws. If it is better for you not to use these methods, then there are often options to use silicone adhesive or double-sided tape, depending on the model. Sometimes a shower shampoo dispenser is available in a choice of colors, and many people make the choice based on what matches their walls and décor.

A shower shampoo dispenser may come with an assortment of features, which can also be the deciding factor. Some models have push buttons that enable a pre-measured level of shampoo or other product to be released. Clear casings are often available so you can see exactly how much product is in the container, while level indicators can serve this purpose as well. Other features that may be included are soap trays, mirrors, or hooks for razors or sponges, so the choice can be quite varied.

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I've noticed that since we started using a shampoo dispenser, our shampoos last longer. So the dispenser reduces how much we use by dispensing just the right amount which is great. The only issue is that for some thicker liquids, like thick conditioners, pumping becomes a little difficult. I think that thick liquids block the pump by drying at the entrance.

I don't know if there are dispensers that prevent this issue but that's probably something to consider. If I ever purchase another one, I will do more research and read customer reviews to avoid this.


@SarahGen-- I've seen shampoo dispensers with four chambers. I'm not sure if there are ones with more but I think four is enough for most people.

I personally have a three chamber one. I keep shampoo in one, conditioner in the second one and shower gel in the third one. I absolutely love it. I don't have to keep a million bottles in the shower and I don't have to search for anything.

I highly recommend it to you. It will make your life easier. Just make sure that the dispenser is easy to install. Most are easy to install and use.


I need a shampoo dispenser. I spend way too much time every morning getting shampoo and conditioner out of bottles. I'm kind of clumsy so I drop and tip bottles left and right. A shampoo dispenser would make my life so much easier. I use two different types of shampoos though (I alternate). Are there shampoo dispensers with at least 3-4 compartments?

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