What is a Shine Shampoo?

B. Miller

Shine shampoo is shampoo that is designed to make hair look smooth, shiny, and healthy. Generally, shine shampoo is very moisturizing and helps to calm frizz, automatically making hair look shinier. It gently cleanses the hair and removes product build-up, which can make hair look greasy or dull, and sometimes adds small light reflectors at the same time to make hair look even more glossy.

Plastic bottles of shampoo.
Plastic bottles of shampoo.

Two ingredients that normally are included in shine shampoo include ceramides and keratin, as well as other active and inactive cleansing, preservative, or fragrance ingredients. Ceramides are humectants, which means that they help to seal moisture within the hair, and help that moisture to last all day, preventing frizz. Keratin is a type of protein that helps to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. Light reflecting particles may be made up of crushed pearls, for instance, and when the hair is shampooed, the particles are deposited into the hair. This makes the hair appear very shiny, especially in the light.

Shine shampoo can make hair look sleek, shiny and healthy.
Shine shampoo can make hair look sleek, shiny and healthy.

Some people doubt the effectiveness of shine shampoo, stating that it does not make the hair look any shinier than any other shampoo, while others swear that it works. It is up to one's personal preference whether one purchases this type of shampoo or not. Be sure to take other hair considerations into account, however; for instance, color-safe shampoo should be used on hair that has been dyed. Shampoo designed for curly hair might be a good idea for people with especially curly hair, to prevent it from looking frizzy.

Shine shampoo can be purchased in drugstores or at a salon. Though products at salons are more expensive, many people prefer them over drugstore brands. In addition, a stylist may be able to assist clients in purchasing the best type of shampoo for their hair, and one may even be able to exchange the shampoo if it does not work as well as expected.

Shine shampoo should also be used with a corresponding shine conditioner. All shampoo can usually do is cleanse the hair, but conditioner can help to treat and moisturize dry hair, which can make the hair look shinier. Leave-in conditioners are often designed to add shine to the hair as well, and these can be a great product to use every day. In addition, washing the hair in cool water and drying the hair with the hair dryer pointed down and on a cooler setting can also help to make the hair shiny.

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