How Do I Choose the Best Glossy Shampoo?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
Glossy shampoos should impart shine without making hair greasy.
Glossy shampoos should impart shine without making hair greasy.

You can choose the best glossy shampoo by not placing too much trust into the labels, by reading the ingredients on the bottle, and giving several shampoos a trial. Many shampoos claim to reconstruct hair or repair split ends to give hair the best shine. Hair is not alive, however, and cannot be repaired or fixed, only moisturized and managed. Another way to find the best glossy shampoo is to place little value on pricing because a lot of shampoos contain the same ingredients, no matter the pricing. The best shampoo is one that you are happy with, so sample many products and choose one that feels the best.

Do not accept that the claims on a shampoo label are true without first testing the product for yourself. In many places around the world, beauty product companies can make unsupported claims regarding their product without fear of legal action, because a country’s government rarely regulates more than what goes into a shampoo. Basically, governments usually make certain that ingredients in a glossy shampoo are safe for human use, but they do not confirm whether or not the shampoo makes your hair glossier than normal. Therefore, choosing the best glossy shampoo generally involves finding what ingredients are good for your hair specifically, since the list of ingredients are most likely correct.

Read the labels on both expensive and less expensive products carefully. Some studies have found that shampoos that cost as much as 10 times the amount as their cheaper counterparts may contain nearly identical ingredients. There are a limited number of cleansing ingredients, and they are bound to repeatedly appear, in similar order, on various ingredient lists. Sometimes these shampoos are made by the same company, but marketed under different names and sold for much different prices; therefore, do not assume an expensive product will work better than a cheap one.

The best glossy shampoo is one that contains enough moisturizer to give your hair the desired amount of shine. Too much moisturizer, however, will leave a dull film. There is no easy way to pick out the best glossy shampoo. Most experts agree that the vast majority of shampoos are the same and each clean just as well; the deciding factor should be whether you like the appearance and feel of your hair after using the product. It might take a while to sample products and find the perfect one.

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@ocelot60- A shampoo that contains silicone is great for bringing out the glossiness in your hair. This type of shampoo also helps to tame frizz, and makes your hair smooth and soft.


@ocelot60- I have found that shampoos that contain different types of oils, such as coconut, olive, and fruit oils, make your hair look very glossy. The only problem with shampoos that contain these ingredients though is that they may not be the best options for people with oily hair, because their oil content could make this problem worse.


Is there any particular ingredient that I should look for when buying a shampoo to achieve glossy hair? It seems like there are so many on the market that make claims about making your hair shiny or glossy that it it difficult to choose.

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    • Glossy shampoos should impart shine without making hair greasy.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      Glossy shampoos should impart shine without making hair greasy.