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How do I Choose the Best Shampoo and Conditioner?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Nice hair involves more than the cut or the style. Nice hair begins with good hair care. Good hair care begins with using the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair. To determine the best combination, consider your hair type and try to purchase complementing products.

One of the first things you need to think about when you are ready to buy shampoo and conditioner is your hair type. If you make the wrong choices, problems you have been experiencing, such as dryness or shedding, may get worse. Many people attempt to start solving their hair problems with a variety of specialized products after washing. However, you should be a bit wiser and start addressing your problems when you wash.

Plastic bottles of shampoo.
Plastic bottles of shampoo.

Buy a shampoo and conditioner that reflect your needs. If you have natural, unprocessed hair, you should look for products that help you to manage it. If you have had your hair colored, you should buy a shampoo and conditioner designed to protect your color. There are products that are colored to slow the rate at which your hair fades or becomes dull.

A bottle of conditioner.
A bottle of conditioner.

It is best to get a shampoo and conditioner of the same brand since they are most likely designed to complement each other. If you are making your selections from a brand that has numerous product ranges, it is best to stay within a range. For example, if you get Simpson’s Highlight Protect Shampoo, you should avoid getting Simpson’s Curly Control Conditioner. Furthermore, you should also try to coordinate the brand of shampoo and conditioner with the brand of any chemical processing products applied to your hair.

Apple pectin shampoo is good for nearly all hair types.
Apple pectin shampoo is good for nearly all hair types.

Most people’s hair can use some extra moisture. Consider the environment you are in when you purchase your shampoo and conditioner. If your hair will be exposed to extreme heat or cold, your need for extra moisture is significantly greater. It is best, therefore, to make sure both products are designed to enrich your hair with moisture.

Keep a record of your experience with hair care products. If you notice a shampoo or conditioner has negative effects on your hair, take note of the ingredients. Each time you have such an experience try to make comparisons of the ingredients that could cause the problem. Also, do this with products that work well. This will help you to make the best choices and avoid wasted money and frustration.

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Discussion Comments


@serenesurface-- I agree.

I got my hair color treated several times last year and I was using a curling iron or a straightening iron daily. As a result my hair became very damaged. It was brittle and extremely dry. It looked and felt horrible.

So I asked for help from a stylist friend and she recommend a salon brand shampoo and conditioner made for damaged hair. The shampoo and conditioner worked so well. They literally brought my hair back to life. Now my hair is strong and soft. So shampoo and conditioner really make a huge difference and it's important to find the right ones.


The right shampoo is different for everyone because every person has different needs. Some people need to reduce oil, some need more body, others need moisture. So it's all about finding products targeting the problems that one has.


Finding the right shampoo and conditioner requires some trial and error. Even though I always buy shampoo and conditioner suitable for my scalp and hair type, every product is not the same. Some shampoos and conditioners just don't work for my hair even though they are technically suitable.

I have been using the same brand shampoo and conditioner for years. Once in a while, I get bored and decide to try something different. But every time, I am disappointed and I return to my regular shampoo and conditioner. My hair only reacts well to this brand, I don't know why.

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    • Plastic bottles of shampoo.
      By: Dessie
      Plastic bottles of shampoo.
    • A bottle of conditioner.
      By: Irina Brinza
      A bottle of conditioner.
    • Apple pectin shampoo is good for nearly all hair types.
      By: esp2k
      Apple pectin shampoo is good for nearly all hair types.