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What is a Roll-Up Gate?

Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

A roll-up gate is a type of temporary door often used to seal large openings, usually in industrial and commercial spaces. It is comprised of several thin, metal slats connected to create a gate that can be raised and lowered as necessary. The slats are able to roll up vertically into a cylinder hidden above a door, either manually or using a motor. Most manufacturers offer a variety of choices to customize a roll-up gate to meet many customers’ needs.

Industrial spaces such as loading zones and docks often utilize doors with high clearances to simplify the moving of goods in and out. Similarly, many commercial buildings such as malls include several stores with large entrances to accommodate heavy traffic. Between deliveries and after hours, these doors typically need to be securely shut in order to protect the merchandise inside.


A roll-up gate also can help prevent criminal activity these areas. Businesses that use steel or other heavy metal service doors to guard their buildings generally have less trouble managing loss prevention. Theft, however, is not the only issue that a roll-up gate can help to protect against — it also can help prevent pests such as mice from entering an area, which may be particularly important for places such as storage units or food warehouses.

Other options may be available to customize a roll-up gate to specific requirements. For instance, climate control could be a useful addition to a gate that opens to the outdoors. Insulation can help to keep cold, heat, and moisture locked out in order to keep goods safe from inclement weather. Certain service doors also offer fire protection via the use of retardant materials built into the roll-up gate.

In some cases, it may be useful to be able to see through a gate. Stores inside a mall, for example, might want passersby to be able to view the merchandise even when the shop is closed. Perforations between the metal slats could provide an added measure of aesthetics and security.

Most roll-up gate manufacturers will also offer a variety of styles and colors to match the décor of commercial spaces. The way the slats fit together can vary and is largely a personal choice. Several gates in one building could match in shades or use alternating hues to replicate an existing color scheme.

A roll-up gate can be ordered to fit practically any door size. A measurement of the height and width of an opening is generally all a company needs to provide an establishment with the proper security gate. Some buildings even use roll-up gates to enclose windows as an extra safeguard.

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