What are Folding Security Gates?

Crystal K. Wilford
Crystal K. Wilford

Folding security gates are metal fences that can extend across areas to provide a barrier. The gates can be easily installed or removed without taking up a great deal of room, and are ideal for child-safe barriers inside the home or security barriers in retail environments. Gates can be either permanently anchored to a stationary surface or temporarily attached. Temporary gates offer more freedom of mobility, and are often used as movable barricades.

Without requiring additional space to slide or swing open, folding security gates close by collapsing on themselves like an accordion, which also allows them to take up less space when compressed for storage. The gates are usually constructed of two layers of thin, flat bars, which rest against one another in a crosshatch pattern. When the barrier is extended, the bars open to form an open diamond-patterned chain. The bars are attached to vertical posts at the sides, which can be connected to brackets for stationary use.

Folding security gates can offer convenient security methods for private properties due to ease of installation and lightweight construction. Unlike heavier, more complex gates, they require no permanent fixtures or complicated systems. Their construction also provides flexibility, with the ability to bend slightly around objects. The gate's flexibility also makes it less likely to break on impact. For example, when used to fence off a driveway or open garage door, the gate is less likely to break should a vehicle hit it by accident.

Single gates are often secured to one side of a door frame, and extend to fasten to the other side of the frame. Double gates are generally slightly more rigid, and possess two fences that meet in the middle with two supportive vertical bars that can be locked together. Some other folding security gates are portable. They do not permanently attach to any stationary surface; instead they offer a temporary, movable barrier mounted on vertical poles with bases attached to wheels.

Gates come in a wide range of models, with varying heights, strengths, designs, and purposes. All folding security gates permit free ventilation without obscuring light sources, and allow visibility without permitting passage. Many shops and stores use folding security gates to provide an additional deterrent to theft or forced entry, because the flat bars are harder to break through than simple chains or locks. Domestic gates used inside are often constructed of wood or high-quality plastic to avoid accidental injuries.

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