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What are the Different Types of Double Gates?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Double gates are often a nice addition to any property, and the same gate can be used for various purposes. Its main job may include keeping intruders out, keeping pets inside, adding décor to the exterior of the home, or all three. Of course, certain types may be better at specific jobs, which is why a few kinds of double gates exist. For example, a steel or iron double gate is often used for security purposes, while a wooden double gate is usually ideal as a way to keep pets inside the property. Any type of double gate can serve mainly as a decoration, especially when it features a smaller door for pedestrians to walk through.

Protecting property from intruders is often easily done with an iron double gate, as this kind of metal is known for being quite durable. Steel may also be used, as both kinds of metal are not easily bent, and can withstand inclement weather. This kind of gate is often set in front of a driveway, and is typically automatic so that only the homeowner can open it with a remote control in his car. Though this kind of gate is usually mostly for security purposes, it can also be decorative, as some companies sell double gates with attractive metalwork on them so that they do not look too imposing to visitors.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Some homeowners are more worried about keeping pets inside the property than keeping other people out, so they opt for a wooden double gate. Houses set on ranches can also make use of this kind of gate, as it can keep livestock within the property limits. Some wooden double gates can also be used for security purposes since the average person cannot break through them, but this kind of gate is not typically as effective as an iron or steel gate at keeping out intruders. Therefore, homeowners more concerned with the whereabouts of their animals than unwanted visitors may be more attracted to a wooden gate than a metal one.

There are gates on the market that are more for decoration than security, whether they are metal or wooden. These can be placed in front of a driveway, or they can be ideal for providing an attractive entrance to a garden. Some double gates feature a small door in one of the gates that is ideal for allowing pedestrians through without opening both of them. This kind of gate is often decorative, and can even be welcoming to visitors rather than intimidating.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing