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What Is a Personal Development Process?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

A personal development process is a conscious attempt by an individual to improve him or herself. Such an improvement involves activities that help in the development or improvement of attitude, education, talent, skills and spiritual identity. An individual may initiate and personally look for means of achieving this self-development. The process could also involve input by a mentor, teacher, counselor or any other person in a position to guide the individual through the process.

Any personal development process that is initiated by an individual may be a means to improving that individual’s attitude or identity. For example, a middle-aged man with very little education might decide to go back to school in order to acquire a degree. This becomes a goal aimed at improving the man's education, which may also give him a more positive outlook on his life. This personal development process is also one that the man decided to pursue on his own. Someone who was adopted as a child might decide to look for his or her biological parents. This may be due to a conflict in identity arising from curiosity and depression over the identity of his or her real parents. For such a person, the quest to find the real biological parents becomes a personal development process.

A personal development process might include taking acting classes.
A personal development process might include taking acting classes.

Another aim of the process is to help improve the quality of life through working on problems or learning new talents and skills. If an individual has a bunion on the big toe that has been a source of pain, such a person might decide to have surgery to fix the problem. The quest to have the surgery becomes a personal development process, because it helps in the improvement of the individual’s quality of life. Some people may choose to learn how to play a music instrument, take vocal lessons, attend acting classes, or take part in talent shows. All of these activities are aimed at improving the talent of the individual, and they are all part of the personal development process.

Sometimes the personal development process is aided by someone in a position to help the individual desiring personal improvement. The coach of a basketball team might help a player in his or her personal development process by giving tips for improvement and by helping the individual realize his or her full potential. The same principle applies to a spiritual leader who helps a troubled individual achieve some level of peace through guidance.

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    • A personal development process might include taking acting classes.
      By: Edyta Pawlowska
      A personal development process might include taking acting classes.