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How Do I Choose the Best Personal Development Classes?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Choosing the best personal development classes depends on which skills the individual feels that he or she needs to improve. Most personal development classes focus on a specific skill or set of skills that are commonly associated with successful and happy individuals. These often include communication strategies and life skills. In some cases, specific professional courses might be considered a form of personal development, but most classes of this type are more general and relate to attitudes and personal awareness. In order to choose the best class for one's needs, one must decide what deficiency sparked interest in this type of class in the first place.

Many people choose to take personal development classes because they are unhappy in some aspect of their lives. Courses that specifically address standing up for one's self, making positive choices, or having a better attitude about work can be appropriate in these cases. Self-help courses and lectures are often the best solution for people with this type of problem, but these courses often have very different strategies and must be evaluated on an individual basis.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Communication is another topic covered by many personal development classes, and might include topics like arguing effectively, standing one's ground, and motivational speaking. For many people, being unable to effectively communicate one's needs can be a roadblock both personally and professionally. It is typically best to choose courses that most closely address the communication area in which the student has trouble.

Life skills is a very broad category of personal development classes, and might include personal motivation, physical fitness, or even life planning. Choosing life skills classes usually involves some personal evaluation, and instructors can often help determine the areas in one's life that need additional structure. For individuals with disabilities or personal problems, there are often life skills courses available that specifically address difficulties facing these groups. When possible, it is best to take life skills courses that are recommended by friends or academic institutions, because success in these courses is not always guaranteed.

In addition to general personal development classes, there are also courses of this type aimed at specific age groups or professional categories. For example, many elementary schools and high schools include personal development courses as a part of the curriculum and work to help students get prepared to lead productive adult lives. Older adults can also take personal development courses that may help deal with feelings of loneliness or loss of activity. In many cases, older adults who stay active can live longer lives, meaning that personal development may be a valuable investment.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book